Alumni Association


a) To establish and promote the spirit of veterinary profession, brotherhood and spirit the corps amongst the alumni and students / faculty / other staff of the Institute.
b) To assist the Institute in building and evolving a vision for itself and aid the Institute in meeting its objectives.
c) To build a membership database, list (in both electronic form and otherwise) for establishing and promoting communication amongst the alumni, within the alumni association and from alumni to the association and the institute.
d) To collect, expand and disburse funds to support educational programs, at the Institute and at such places as deemed appropriate by the association, establishment of faculty and student oriented programs, sponsoring lectures and debates, providing fellowships and scholarships and supporting other such activities as to build, enrich and sustain professional, academic, cultural, scientific and literary heritage of the Institute.
e) To foster contact between the Institutions, R & D organizations, other academic Institutions in India and abroad for assisting summer trainings, placements, curriculum delivery, pre-placement guidance, technical mentoring, project work facilitation etc for the students.
f) To undertake and promote professional techniques and management consultancy, technology transfer, publication of scientific and technical literature and other similar activities in conjunction with the Institute.
g) To promote and execute scientific and field research amongst the alumni by utilizing the available infrastructure facilities at the Institute.
h) To help alumni achieve their professional goals.
i) To help its members access library, laboratories, computational facilities and other similar facilities existing at the Institute and also creating and enhancing them at the Institute.
j) To mobilize resources for supporting and fulfilling the aims and objective of the association.
k) To promote activities that are essential to the holistic personality development and which may receive less attention during regular curriculum, not as a pastime alone but as an opportunity of alternate profession and expertise.
l) To further such objectives as the General body may decide from time to time.


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Website: www.aavcos.com



• Active participation in the organization of foundation day of the College, Golden Jubilee and other periodical celebrations in the College